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 Building Better Roads

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PostSubject: Building Better Roads   Tue Apr 30, 2013 8:53 am

New roads and urbanization mean the loss of habitats for many species. As roads are built, animals are displaced. Those who are not scared away or killed during construction run the risk of being injured by traffic. More roads also mean more noise, and noise pollution can drive animals away, forcing them to set up homes in new areas just to avoid crossing the road. As an animal population grows or diminishes in one specific area, other species, plant life and even the soil are affected.

Human intrusion takes many forms. Even where roads are not being built, people are laying down phone and electric lines, as well as building TV and telecommunication towers. Even building a new golf course can affect biodiversity, unless it's planned well and located in a place where it's not invading wildlife space. Talk about what you think!
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Building Better Roads
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